the competition

nGOmobile is unique…

nGOmobile is a text message-based competition aimed exclusively
and unashamedly at grassroots non-profit organisations working for
positive social and environmental change throughout the developing
world. Behind the scenes, these unsung heroes of the NGO community battle against the daily realities of life in a developing country, where
it can take all day to fulfil the simplest task. These people don’t lack passion and commitment. They lack tools and resources. We’re
here to change all that. Every year, nGOmobile will enable four worthy winners to leapfrog the mobile technology barrier

The competition wants to encourage NGOs to think more about how mobile technology could be applied in their work. If you need inspiration, there are plenty of examples in the kiwanja Mobile Database

NGOs from developing countries are invited to submit a short proposal outlining how text messaging could make their job easier. The ideas don’t need to be rocket science, or even earth-shatteringly original. Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest, easiest and most obvious. We should know – most of ours have been!

What we are looking for is impact – a clear indication that winning an amazing prize, and gaining access to mobile technology, would revolutionise your work and turn mission impossible into mission accomplished