nGOmobile has one simple aim

To help NGOs go mobile

Mobile phone use is spreading through the developing world quicker
than a bushfire. This should be great news for the non-profit sector,
but not everyone is reaping the benefit quite yet

The massive potential of mobile technology, particularly at grass-roots level, has already been demonstrated. Examples from around the
world include…

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… patients receiving text message (SMS) reminders to take their medicine, so they no longer waste time and money travelling to their nearest clinic. Farmers finding out the current market price before deciding whether to take their produce to market that day. National parks communicating details about dangerous animals, providing an early warning system to mitigate against human-wildlife conflict. Unemployed youths in Nairobi’s shanty towns receiving texts alerting them to job opportunities in the city

The breadth of SMS use is staggering, but we have the feeling that we’re still only just scratching the surface

nGOmobile wants us all to dig a little deeper. Better still, we want to give you the opportunity to exploit the full potential of mobile technology in your work